CANVAS - Prince of Peace   Canvas  36 W x 24 H   Inches

CANVAS - Prince of Peace Canvas 36 W x 24 H Inches


Canvas size: 36 x 24 

This is a high quality, gallery level canvas print. Printed on the latest presses using inks matching our high standards. Canvas prints feature a one inch white border so that when they are mounted on frames the edges are white. There is an one inch border around the entire canvas for mounting to the back of the frame itself. 


The image size above is 36 inches width by 24 inches height and is the actual size of this beautiful prophetic painting.


Cut to size + 1 inches of additional white border.

Shipped rolled. Frame not included.

Turnaround: 4-8 Business Days,

  • Available in CANVAS or as a Poster

    Prince of Peace

    Nov. 2017

    PRINCE OF PEACE Acrylic on Canvas 36 W x 24 H Prophetic painting by Ronelda Neufeld Nov, 2017

    It was one of those days where things seem to be in chaos, so many things were coming at my mind from every direction. As we sat waiting for our food I 'felt' the tangible presence of The Lord fill our booth! It was like we were on a freight train racing towards a destination. The eyes could see the blur of the outside surroundings moving swiftly past us. A person would expect to hear and feel the shaking of the loud train and the water glasses on the table shaking, But no! There was silence a beautiful sense of perfect peace and love, (I knew it was Jesus), our prince of peace. Suddenly shouting out saying, "Do you feel what I am experiencing? 'It was if we were on a swift-moving freight train and the outside world was a blur as it passed by the window and inside stood the prince of peace who perfumed my heart with so much peace. Jesus is here! " All the tension left, and I knew, God was in control. Breakfast with the parents was a peaceful time! Thank-you Jesus! I do not have to worry anymore because the prince of peace is in the middle of it all. While I was painting, I started singing our national anthem,..."Oh CANADA"...... GOD KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE! Jesus is at the front of the freight train holding our Canadian flag. The flag is at complete peace draping softly over the arms of our savior. Everything is shaking and rushing swiftly by while the Canadian flag is at rest even in the midst of the storm. He cares for us in the middle of all the chaos and brings perfect peace. Jesus is our Prince of peace. He is our comforter; a blanket of comfort surrounds us at every turn! Canada is a prosperous and sweet nation like our Maple Tree, and we Canadians shall carry the leaves of healing for the countries and nations. O Canada God has not forgotten thee! One of our greatest attributes is a nation of peace and who better to cover this nation than the PRINCE OF PEACE. The experience was not like any other vision or dream I have received from God, but it was an amazing and tangible experience. OH CANADA WE STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE, GOD KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE! That is our prayer. ​We thank you so much that we can share a little of our dreams, vision, and hearts with you. We pray that the Holy Spirit would come through these paintings and touch you and make his face shine upon you and reveal his way to you. Barry and Ronelda