CANVAS - The Door            30 W x 40 H   Inches

CANVAS - The Door 30 W x 40 H Inches


Canvas size 30 x 40

This is a high quality, gallery level canvas print. Printed on the latest presses using inks matching our high standards. Canvas prints feature a one inch white border so that when they are mounted on frames the edges are white. There is an one inch border around the entire canvas for mounting to the back of the frame itself. 


The image size above is 30 inches width by 40 inches height and is the actual size of this beautiful prophetic painting.


Cut to size + 1 inches of additional white border.

Shipped rolled. Frame not included.

Turnaround: 4-8 Business Days,

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    August 2010


    How it came about: A Dream

    In my dream I was walking on a road by a river. As I walked I came upon a mountain and walked into it through a door. As I stood inside the mountain the door closed behind me. Nothing but Pure white light was all around me, then I heard a man's voice say, "YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK." I was thinking to myself, "but I want my friends and family to come too." Suddenly the door opened, someone snuck in and I went back out onto the road. The dream ended. Back out on the road there was darkness all around, nothing growing and I heard in my spirit, "I cut off all that doesn't produce fruit."

    I woke up.

    Personally the door represented a new beginning with Jesus my Lord and a closed door to the past-Trusting God.

    Proverbs 3:5-6