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POSTER - Eye of the World   Poster Size: 12 W x 18 H Inches

POSTER - Eye of the World Poster Size: 12 W x 18 H Inches


Poster size: 18 x 12


These posters are printed on a semi-gloss card stock material. The inks are not UV resistant, therefore continuous exposure to sunlight will not be good for the posters. 


Printed in Full Colour and on a luxurious poster board stock. The poster are trimmed to size and shipped in a secure shipping to avoid any damage to the corners.



Turnaround: 4-8 Business Days.

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    Eye Of The World Acrylic on Canvas 40 W x 30 H

    Prophetic painting by Ronelda Neufeld

    There are fourteen important symbols woven together to make this prophetic painting. Every picture Ronelda painted on the Eye Of The World came from a vision or a dream. Many of the pictures painted are snippets captured in time of things that are and of shadows of things that will possibly be. Ronelda stays true to the visions and dreams and lays on canvas with paint and brush to give the most descriptive and accurate picture of what she has experienced and what the Lord has shown her. We believe that the word of God is the acid test to every vision and dream and must come in alignment with the truth of Gods word.

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